How to Build Green

Building a Green Home begins at the design stage. Before starting the design of your home you should make sure that both your designer and builder are Certified Green Professionals. The National Home Builders Association “Certified Green Professional” – “CGP” is the certification for Green designer’s and Green Builder’s.
Check the list at to make sure the Builder is the “CGP,” not the sales staff or the marketing staff as they do not build the Homes. The Energy Star program and the Florida Green Building Coalition (Green Home Certification) is the best way to design your Green Home.
Use the Whole House Approach to produce a efficient, comfortable, durable, safe and sustainable home and the Universal Design for the design of products and environments to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without need for adaptation or specialized design.
When your Building and Site plans are close to being done, the plans are sent to a Certified Energy Rater for a performance based energy rating called the HERS INDEX. The HERS INDEX will tell you where your house ranks and the rater can make recommendations to improve the performance of your home and site to the level needed for incentives, rebates, and personal requirements.
Resource efficiencies including energy, water, indoor air quality, solar, recycle, reuse, are items used in the performance rating system.
Once your plans are at the agreed HERS INDEX they are submitted for building permits. Your plans must also meet the Florida Building Codes.
The Building Department, builder, and the rater will do inspections during the construction of your Home. When the Home is complete the rater will certify the final HERS INDEX and Energy Star items in your Home. This certified HERS INDEX is what is needed for incentives and rebates.